ASP Duluth Septic has a high capacity pump trunk that can hold 3500 gallons of septage. All waste is disposed of at a licensed waste water facility.


Call us at 218-206-8445 for estimates of any of the following services offered through ASP Duluth Septic


-Septic Tank pumping and filter cleaning        

Duluth Septic will pump and rinse both tanks, clean the filter, and check the baffles with each serivce call. Set up to have your system maintained every 3 years.


-Holding Tank pumping   


-Outhouse pumping      


-Camper pumping


-Cover Riser Installment : Call for a free estimate  


-Pump and Float Replacement : Call for a free estimate  


-Full Plumbing Services









ASP Duluth

Septic Pumping
4411 Venture Ave

Duluth, MN 55811




We accept Cash, Check, Debit, and Credit Cards-Visa, Mastercard, and Discover




We are currently licensed in MN, bonded, and insured for your protection.



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